Sunday, 14 August 2016

7 Reasons Why I Love Being a Pakistani...

Today is 14th August and Pakistanis all over the world are celebrating Pakistan's
Independence Day. As a part of my celebration, I wanted to post a few facts that make
me proud to be a Pakistani. 

1.     We are a Surprise Package

Pakistan is everything but what popular media shows it to be. We are known for all kinds of notorious things but once people meet us, they are surprised to see what real Pakistan is all about. While people expect us to be some sort of barbarians, uneducated, backward group of fanatics, we surprise them with our manners, education, progressive approach and friendliness. We never fail to impress people with our food, fashion, music, rich culture and hospitality. 

Read Humans of New York's words for Pakistan here. 

2.     We Get High – Just with Chai

While many turn to alcohol and drugs, chai (doodhpatti to be exact) which is tea leaves cooked in milk and water, gets us equally high. It is as important for us as drugs are to druggies. Chai makes the world go round, you know. Where else can you find a nation that forgets all their worries with just a cup of tea?

3.     Our Sense of Humor Knows no Boundary

We are so funny that it hurts. We can make fun of almost everything and find humour in just about any situation under the sun. Whether it is an embarrassing defeat in a cricket match or a hopeless speech in parliament, we know how to laugh at ourselves! You laugh at us.... we laugh with you! 

4.     We can Cook in one Form or the Other

Our conversations, fun, outings, dreams, goals, 5-year development plans all revolve around food. No matter how exotic foods we try around the world, we find solace in eating lentils and rice at home. Nothing can beat homemade chapatis! Almost half of our population knows cooking like the back of their hand.

And if any of us can't cook food we can cook conspiracy theories. We just need one little detail to cook up a whole story behind it. Trust me, some of our theories are embarrassingly bizarre but they do exist!

5.     We are Connected

Most people in the world like to stay away from relatives and connections but, it takes us normally a few minutes to establish a connection with another Pakistani. Leave us in a room for a while and you will see how we find a chain that would connect two perfect strangers.

 We take being 'social animals' a little too seriously! 

6.     We are Patriotic

We wear patriotism on our sleeves (and sometimes around the neck and on fingers too). We may say all negative things about Pakistan when we are angry but if you say a word against Pakistan, we can spend a whole lifetime convincing you otherwise. And we start with letting you taste Biryani (that is usually enough)

Even those who leave Pakistan for good and get other nationalities still have feelings for Pakistan and it hurts them the most when any tragedy hits this beautiful country.

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7.     We know Struggle

On a slightly serious note, we know struggle way too well. The creation of Pakistan and its existence is full of struggle. We have seen some crazy and tough times as a nation but coping with such difficulties kind of runs in the blood of every Pakistani. We know how to survive and how to face challenges. And being resilient in the face of difficulties is not everyone's cup of tea.

No matter how tough it gets, we get back up, put up a smile and cheer for this place we proudly call our home!

Happy Birthday, Pakistan - May you live long! 

14th August 2016.


  1. Love it. Simple, to the point and true to the core.

  2. I envy your optimism. We need people like you to keep writing. May your writing get stronger and you never stop spread positivity.

  3. Nice words and emotions.... Keep writing!!

  4. Awww, it's really nice to hear sweet things about Pakistan and it's people. Great write up... Thanks for the writeup

  5. This is a sweet article about country love and positivity! Pakistan is a great country and there are a lot of aspects that being ignored when Pakistan is portrayed in the media.

  6. I love how heartfelt and fun this post is about being a Pakistani. There's nothing like being proud of your roots. You've been through a lot as a country, indeed. And with people like you, you'll go on for years, that's for sure!

  7. Very lovely to be patriotic... So nice and great reasons there!

  8. You really have a lot of strong characteristics and traits. It's really nice to see you proud of your roots.

  9. I think every nation thinks of Nos. 3-7 as being them. We also love our food, have a sense of humor about ourselves, connected with our fellowmen abroad, struggle in our homeland, and love our country very much. Just like you do. :-)

  10. Happy independence day! It feels good to celebrate something that speaks of freedom
    And love and family.

  11. IT's so nice to see post like this. It's something to be proud of. I, too, love being a Filipino and I admire you for being proud of your nationality as well. The traits you have what makes you all awesome! Stay for real always. :)

  12. This is a great, informative, educative, energetic and motivational post. It is even a patriotic post because it is good to be proud of your country.

  13. Each individual has its own loyalty to the birthplace and the country. We have differences but we can be united as one in spirit, love and peace.

  14. One should be always proud of the home country even if we are away from it. It is our roots after all.

  15. I like the fact you all are connected and it thus ensures a great bond evolving around the different races in your nation. Keep it up and uphold the beauty of your nation.

  16. Thanks for writing this. I know that many people share the same love for their countries but it is important for Pakistanis to speak out as the world needs to know the reality. Pakistani are as normal as can be. I think you have proved this point well.

  17. I wish Filipinos had the same level of camaraderie. Really loved reading this :D

  18. That's a pretty good post on reasons why you love your country and being a pakistani. For me, I don't exactly want to state what I lik being a Singaporean... because I guess, while there's plenty of reasons, i just love it without any reasons...

  19. Oh I do love me some chai. It smells good and tastes great too.

  20. Wishing Pakistan a verybhappy birthday from India! Politics separates us but we are the same humans with same lifestyle & food & climatic conditions. I should plan soon to visit your homeland.