Sunday, 30 June 2019

Quick Review: Coasters and Table Mats by Pith

I am a die-hard truck art fan. I am sure most of you know this already! When I went to Pakistan earlier this year, I was on a mission to find truck-art inspired table mats and coasters (Although all the coasters I have at home are traditional Pakistani - yet the heart desires more!) 

But, unfortunately, I did not have enough time to go around looking for specific things and I came back to Adelaide without accomplishing the mission. Then I found exactly what I needed on Pith's website and I decided to place an order and have them parcel my order. 
It was a very small order for a place like Pith and that too was to be made for me as they were out of stock. The team at Pith was beyond accomodating, to say the least. I was constantly being updated about my order. I was given different ways to make payments and they also went out of their way to find the cheapest and best way to deliver these to me. 
I was impressed by the customer service that I received and of course, the stuff I ordered is great quality, very creative, and a gorgeous addition to my collection which I just can't wait to use!
You will see them often in my stories and as the background for many more photographs to come. For now, see the stunning coasters 
6 polyester table mats and 6 acrylic coasters were delivered to me in AUD75
See their website:

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