Monday, 30 November 2020

Food Talk: Quinoa & Mango Salad Recipe

Salads got added in my life when I decided to make a conscious effort of making healthier choices for myself. 

Why salads? not only because I strongly advocate healthy eating but also contrary to the common belief, I think salads are NOT boring. I enjoy experimenting with what goes in my salad bowl. I love the mixed flavours and the 
convenience with which you add multi vitamins and essential minerals naturally with your food intake. 

I believe that eating healthy is an essential form of self-care. 


Sharing recipe of a salad that we often make... 

Serves Two 

Quinoa: boiled (4tbsp) 
Super leaf mix :1/2 packet or you can use spinach (the fresh salad company available at Coles) 
Zucchini (1) sliced in length & sautéed in olive oil 
Mango diced  (1)
Cherry tomatoes cut in half (4-5)
Pear diced (1) 
Roasted Almonds crushed (1tbsp)
Raisins (1tbsp) 

Optional: Chicken breast piece (300gms) boiled & sautéed in oil olive with salt & black pepper 

French Dressing or just plain lemon juice 

Mix & enjoy! 

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