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Hahndorf Adelaide - An Introduction

In February 2017, I visited Australia the 2nd time. I spent a fews days in Melbourne and then took a flight to Adelaide, South Australia. Hubby also accompanied me on the second leg of the trip. This trip was very special for both of us as it was not only a get away from work but also we were to meet someone special. My (almost) childhood friend who only studied with me in school but remained in touch through all stages of life (in pre internet and pre Facebook era) even when we lived in different cities and later different countries. Our husbands were Facebook friends for ages and this was the first time we were all meeting in person!

Although, we did not intend to go sightseeing at all as there was at least 20 years of stuff to catch up on but my friend, Saima, and her husband had planned for us to see some must see attractions of Adelaide like Hahndorf and Victor Harbour, keeping in view my husband's love for photography. I have seen plenty of Asian heritage sites as I travel quite a lot within Asia but Hahndorf, the German village was an absolute treat; for both of us!

Hahndorf is Australia's oldest surviving German village. Nestled in the beautiful Adelaide hills, Hahndorf's history can be traced back to 1838 when a ship, Zebra, of 187 German immigrants arrived in Port Adelaide. These immigrants were followers of King Luther and were being persecuted by King of Prussia. The village is named after Dirk Hahn, captain of the ship. The new settlers were given land in Adelaide where they planted crops, grazed cattle and built German-styled houses.

Today, Hahndorf is one the most premier tourist attraction of Adelaide. Once you step in this village, it feels like you are in a different part of Australia.

Our plan was to take a short tour and then have a picnic at Victor Harbour which was one hour away from Hahndorf. We strolled in the slow paced, laid back village taking photographs, looking at the gorgeous buildings and admiring the natural beauty of Adelaide hills as well.

There are many hotels available to stay overnight. The main road is surrounded by plenty of eateries, cafes and shops selling souvenirs. There was also a really old and functional petrol pump that felt like a movie set!

Shops with adorable little details were picturesque and unique.

The gorgeous, old buildings and their historical significance makes you stop in admiration after every little while.  

I noticed plenty of references to Zebra, the ship, and Lutheran Germans in the names of streets and schools; linking the past to the present. 

Though I love open cafes where you can sit in natural light and enjoy your coffee but one of the most attractive cafe was Blacksmith Hahndorf. Beautiful interior with fascinating, well selected stuff, old posters and souvenirs. And a menu with fresh homemade cakes, coffee and sandwiches.

The owner of the place was very friendly and let us take photographs even though we did not eat there.

One thing that I noticed were these roses planted along the roads. As my father was in army, I have always lived in old colonial style houses which used to have huge lawns and rose bushes planted carefully all around. These roses were really nostalgic for me as they immediately transported me back to my childhood. It is strange how little, ordinary things have the power to evoke so many memories!

My friend vouched that Hahndorf looks more beautiful during spring when all the flowers bloom and everything is beautifully green. It was warm and sunny on the day we chose to go. But nonetheless, I was fascinated and wanted to spend more time. I would have loved to sit there and enjoy a cup of coffee under the sun with fresh homemade cakes and a bar of homemade chocolate fudge. But, I knew that delicious Biryani and Minced meat was packed in our car that we had planned for picnic at Victor Harbour.

We left the place after a brief visit but I know I will definitely visit again. It is a must visit for photographers and those who love to be photographed. Or for those who love history or those who love to travel. I think your trip to Adelaide will not be complete without seeing Hahndorf.

Here is my most favourite photograph from the trip because of the lovely people that made this trip a memorable one!

This is right outside the Blacksmith Cafe.

Here is my first trip to Melbourne and here is my first trip to Sydney :) 

Happy Reading :) 

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