Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My hand knitted Gift

Mum visited me last month and I took time off from blogging to spend with her. Mum has been to Malaysia quite a lot and has seen most of the touristy things. So she wanted this trip to be a relaxed one where she hoped to unwind and rest. She asked us not to plan any short trips, picnics, parties or shopping sprees as we always do when she is here. Instead, she just wanted to go slow, watch TV, have long conversations, and eat her Malaysian favourites. A few shopping trips sneaked here and there (unavoidable they are, I tell you!) and we took her to all her favourite places to eat and watched movies.....  but, on most days, Mum and I just sat together and talked about everything under the sun with cups of Kashmiri chai or doodh patti in our hands just like two best friends do! I did not want her vacation to end but time flies by so fast! She went back last Thursday

When my mum visits, her suit case is always full of goodies for us. This time for hubby, she brought a hand knitted beautiful scarf that she had made. Precious and warm, it was, in all senses of the word. We both fell in love with it! Mum promised to knit something for me during her stay in Malaysia.

For hubby <3

So personalized!

My mum is very good at knitting and used to knit my frocks and rompers when I was young. She has knitted sweaters for many people I know. She could not do as much as she would have liked, once started working full time but after retirement she keeps herself busy with writing, knitting, stitching, blogging etc....

Hand Knitted Teddies by Mum :)
I was looking for a knitted snood for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity to get one which would be exactly what I want and plus very, very, very special obviously! We went yarn shopping the second day of her visit at Spotlight. It was like mum's candy shop. Mine too, honestly. I can spend a whole day there looking at things. We bought bright red yarn that I selected for myself.

I googled some knitting patterns for her to start this project. "Piece of cake!", she said and it indeed was; ready in less than 3 days. My red snood was just perfect.

She also made finger-less gloves for me matching with the snood! With all the trials and errors, she made the first pair of gloves in one day!

... and this is the set :)

We went for more yarn shopping at Spotlight and I got her purple yarn for another set of snood and matching gloves. Demanding that I am! This time, she added white lines as well making it look a bit more fancy. The gloves were far easier this time for her and fitted more snugly when she made changes in the first pattern.

 Look how gorgeous they look!

Mum said this was easiest knitting assignment given to her.

I am a proud owner of these treasured handmade gifts that are not only beautiful and warm but also priceless! Cant wait to wear them properly...

Anyone who knows basic knitting can knit the set easily. So, here is the pattern for the red set if you are interested.


Cast on 70 stitches
1st line knit 1-70, 2nd line knit 1-70
Continue working till work measures 32 inches.
Cast off and join the two ends by stitching!


Cast on 42 stitches
1st line knit 1, purl 1

2nd line purl 1, knit 1
Add white wool and knit two similar lines
Resume red and knit two lines
Resume white and knit two lines
Continue working with red till the work measures 3 inches

Next line knit all stitches
Next line purl all stitches

Continue till the work measure 4 inches
Next line Knit 1, purl 1 all stitches
Make two lines like wise.
Add white colour and knit two lines
Resume with red and continue till work measures 2 inches.
Cast off

Join the two edges together length wise. Leave a slit of 1 and half inch for thumb and continue stitching till the end.

Happy Knitting! 

Do share a pic with me if you try it :)


  1. It sounds like you had a nice visit with your mum! She is very talented, those knitted pieces are beautiful!

  2. Your mum is quite the talented lady. I am a novice with crochet and knitting projects, but I look forward to creating beautiful works of art like hers.

  3. These are gorgeous. I miss my mother after reading this.

  4. hi from croatia. I read your blog and enjoy very much. I start to knit and crochet while ago. I start recording some videos. What do you thing about my channel: https://goo.gl/Um6ttS

  5. This definitely looks professionally made. I'd rather crochet than knit but this looks great!

  6. How genius of you to get a snood! I wouldnt have thought about it. I knit too so this will be my weekend project