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Information: Documents/Processes When Exiting Malaysia

This is going to be a simple straight forward post for anyone who may need this information. 

The reason why I am posting this is that while I was going through this whole process I was looking for similar information and I had to call up people who had left Malaysia to check how it all worked. Most had their processes done by agencies and complained of horrible experiences. I did all this myself except for visa cancellation and it was all easy peasy! So, leaving my experience in this post, hope it benefits you! 

So, before migrating to Australia, I was working in Malaysia on a work permit or commonly known as EP (Employment Pass) which was done by my company. These were the things I did before exiting. 

Provident Fund: 
Malay Acronym: KWSP

For Office Address Click Here
  1. If you are entitled to provident fund (EPF), please visit the EPF office and make sure that all your details are updated in their system like your new passport number or any other changes. EPF office of Malaysia is one of the most organized and efficient department and this update will be done without any hassle. Always keep your original and old passports and their photocopy handy. I did this task before submitting my resignation as after resigning all of a sudden time felt really short! 
  2. If you are on Resident Permit (RP) and you do not plan to give up your RP, you cannot withdraw your EPF. There are other ways to withdraw some amount but I am not sure how that works. Walk into the office and get first-hand information if you need. 
  3. EPF can be withdrawn if you are leaving the country. If in future you plan to work again in Malaysia, you will get a new EPF number.
  4. Resign and ask your company to give an acceptance of resignation letter or a letter saying that you are not continuing the job if that is the case. Also, ask your company to provide you the proof of your and your company’s EPF contribution. Your company would know what to do and will provide you with relevant documents. It is standard form accepted by EPF department. 
  5. You need to fill in the withdrawal form and submit the documents requested. EPF office will not wait for your visa cancellation. The money will be transferred within two weeks if all information is updated and documentation complete. The EPF contribution if there is any after the closing of EPF account, will be banked in your account. 
File Income Tax:
Malay Acronym: LHDN

Office Website is Here (Please find out which income tax office has your file - depends on location) 
  1. I left the country in the month of June 2017. I filed tax returns for 2016 in April. But I also needed to file income tax for Jan-June 2017. Request your company to provide you CP21 form which is like an EA form. They will also provide you a provisional salary slip for the last month based on rough calculations. This is what my company did. '
  2. Since tax filing is done via online portal every year, for current year I had to do a manual submission. The form for manual submission is available at the income tax office. You need to take all the tax return acknowledgment receipts for last 5 years. A copy of all pages of old and new passports (if you have multiple). They will also require you to fill a form giving details of exact entry and exit travel dates in Malaysia. This is to calculate the number of days you have lived in Malaysia to see if you are a resident or not. It is called 'in and out schedule'. So you will need to check each ‘Entry and Exit’ stamp on your passport and put the date and page number of passport. Good luck if you are a frequent traveler. This was the longest task for me!
  3. The tax filing form, resignation approval letter, CP21 form, last salary slip, a copy of old and new passports and travel history needs to be submitted by the applicant. You need to take all these along with actual passport to the income tax office and submit. 
  4. After all this, you can leave the country but keep your bank account open. Once the tax department has done their work which can take more than 10-15 working days, they will inform your office and then your office will release your last salary.
  5. If you do not file your income tax even though it has been deducted monthly from your income, you may be stopped at the immigration next time you enter/visit Malaysia if even a tiny amount was unsettled. The process is very simple and easy - so just get it done. 
Visa Cancellation or Shortening: 
  1. Get your visa canceled or shortened. This should be done by your office or agency. Immigration department will require a copy of your travel itinerary and you will be allowed to stay only till the day of your flight. This date is not extendable so please make sure you complete all your official things before hand. 
Optional Documents: 
  1. If you have been a good tenant, get your landlord/lady to write you a letter stating that you paid on time and that you kept good care of the property. In Australia, we were told that renting a house is tough as the agents like to see your past record and as a new comer we did not have any. Like everyone else we also gave names of references in Australia who were never even contacted. We feel the letter was a strong supporting document. 
  2. No Claim Certificate from your car insurance can help you get some discount on insurance in the new country. If you haven't claimed any insurance, ask your insurer to provide you one. 
  3. If you have been seeing a doctor or have any condition that needs to be monitored, please get your doctor to write you a letter and the history of treatment so that you have all the information on one page. My doctor was kind enough to email me but not everyone does that. Make sure you visit your doctor and get your medical history on a piece of paper before you exit! 
  4. While all this work is done, don’t forget to take breaks and enjoy Malaysian food - You will miss it for sure :) 

Please note that this is for June 2017. Please check if rules have changed or updated when you are using this information! 

Good Luck & Chill! 

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