Thursday, 22 February 2018

Heart Talk: Throwback

#Throwback to last year almost same days of February when Ahsan & I visited Adelaide for a week before making the final decision to move. It was a tough decision not only because we were to leave Malaysia, a country that we both loved and I was to leave a job that I adored; colleagues and friends that were like family and not because Ahsan was leaving a business that he had expanded with a lot of blood and sweat. It was a difficult one because we were doing it for the second time. We knew the feeling of homesickness way too well. Of strangeness. Of loneliness. Of being at home and yet not. Of starting all over again. Of struggling to make a name. Of being unfamiliar. Of finding your space.....

I can’t believe that we did take the plunge after knowing all this and we did that with smiles on our faces. There are days when I look at this photograph and try to find the strength I had then..... Somedays I smile back & somedays I only stare at it..... 

One year to this historic decision! 

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