Sunday, 7 April 2019

Heart Talk: Always Choose Happiness

Hello Friends, Chai Pi loo… 

Today I woke up like this…. Just kidding. I am in my PJs at the moment, looking nothing like the photograph and thinking of staying in them the whole day. Because PJs make me happy and I choose happiness over everything else. Happiness is a ‘daily choice’, an ‘inside job’ and a goal that you should not let out of sight. I love to linger on little positive moments like getting a good cup of tea, talking to my mum, taking a longer route to listen to a song, meeting a friend, reading a good book, waking up from a power nap, wearing clothes I love, just sitting on the couch in my PJs on a weekend writing a little positive note. 
You will not be winning a lottery every day, nor getting promoted, nor travelling to see the seven wonders and if you are waiting for the ideal job, success, money or relationship to be happy, you will have a tough ride, my friend. 
Enjoy the little moments in life! let's list down the tiny, mundane, everyday things that make us happy.
I love having tea in this mug by Clayworks


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