Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Heart Talk: My Work Life

I posted this image in stories yesterday and my inbox got flooded with messages and questions… so I thought I will put it here and also leave some thoughts … 

I am not a doctor or a nurse. I work in operations for a group of pharmacies and my office is in a pharmacy in Adelaide. I am not a pharmacist but, I do come in contact with the patients and customers. It has been crazy busy with never-ending demands for face masks, hand sanitizers, hand washes and now even the flu vaccinations. I see hundreds of people daily…. scared, not so scared, exhausted, drained, apprehensive and also some too cool to bother. More so these days but even generally my interactions create a sea of emotions. Somedays all of this gets to me on a personal level as I am not yet immune to suffering. Not in a bad way but, professional doctors, nurses and pharmacists get trained about diseases and its treatment for them is what they do… but for someone like me who faints on the sight of blood, some stories can give me sleepless nights. I put a brave face and go to work every day nonetheless and sometimes put a story to create a little storm. 
On a lighter note…please be sad for this person who used to jump up and down with joy on sudden closure of workplaces and schools and is now ACTUALLY working when the whole world is working from home! 😞
…. and on another note… thank you for your concern, love and prayers… all three of you ... May we all come out of it safe & sound 
#Covid19 Diary

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